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[Non fic] Archive/Info Post

Orginal Fiction is friends only. Please reply to this post if you want to be added and how you found me in this itsy bitsy little nook of the internet.

Current project: Equal Before Fish (original fiction, friends only, M/M, multiple chapters, fantasy) - One if these days Nicai has to learn not to step in when the fight doesn't concern him in the first place.
Latest update: Chapter 2

Original Fics
A Matter of Perspectives
Equal Before Fish: Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Brain Figments: Part 1 - Part 2 [Face/Murdock - A Team Movie verse]
Dot-dee-freakin'-dot [Face/Murdock - A Team movie verse]
Fuchsia is an evil colour [Gen - A Team Movie verse]


[Fan Fic]Fuchsia is an evil colour

Title: Fuchsia is an evil colour
Author: Mile from Home
Rating: G
Summary: Murdock is a ranger, but he's still no match for yarn. Especially when it's fuchsia.
Warnings: Crack. And knitting.
Genre: Comedy
Character/Pairing: Murdock, Face (and BA and Hannibal)
Note: Here ya go, tasha. 'cause I said I would. Set during the eight year gap.

But Boss!Collapse )


[Fan Fic]Brain Figments - Part 2

Title: Brain Figments
Rating: NC-17(?)
Summary: This is a response to a prompt, so here's the prompt:

I want something to happen to Murdock, Non-con, can be written out or not, on a mission or at the hospital. Except he was on so many drugs at the moment he's pretty sure it was just another hallucination.

Face has to figure out other wise, past the babble detox, Faces reaction how he reacts and how he gets Murdock to realize HE's not a hallucination either, please.

Warnings: violence, sexual situation, language, forced drug use.
Genre: H/C
Character/Pairing: Face/Murdock (Murdock/OMC in first section)
Disclaimer: Don't own, nope, don't own any of this. All the characters belong to their respective owners and I'm just taking them out for a spin. I didn't make any profit off this fanfic.

Face sits in the dark that night.Collapse )

Brain Figments - Part 1